This Is What I Want RIGHT NOW!

There are a lot of things I miss about San Francisco (besides all the people I love, of course).

I miss David my hairdresser at Cowboys & Angels.
(isn't he cute?)

I miss the gals over at the Benefit BrowBar.

I miss the Blue Danube Coffee House. (and no, the picture is not crocked, that is exactly how steep the street is.)
But, being lunchtime, what I miss the most is Vital Vittles bread. While I chew on the dry, tasteless cardboard of Mezonos Maven Whole Wheat bread, all I can do is close my eyes, tap my heels three times and wish that I was in my "old apartment" munching on the hearty goodness of hand milled, honey delicious Vital Vittles Real Bread. They will even ship it to New York, but @ $12.59 a loaf (including shipping) I am having a very hard time ordering some.


Anonymous said...

Hey, when I get back we're ordering some of that bread and going on a picnic!

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