Yes! Yess! YESSSS!!!

Yeah, so I really like this house.
Via DesiretoInspire

Heidi Klum Is Really Pretty Funny

I don't know why I am surprised. Maybe because I tell myself that supermodels are so beautiful they better be dumb, bitchy and unfunny. Oh, well.

And tell me when I have to stop posting late night clips.

Ohhh, So That's How You Set A Table

Just in case you were wondering. Compliments of The Silver Spoon Store (full website coming soon) meanwhile visit their Amazon Storefront.

And no, I do not know why there are 4 glasses.

And Conan Quotes...

"I hope that people will finally come to realize that there is only one 'race' - the human race - and that we are all members of it."

Margaret Atwood

Save The Words

My love for books extends to words and all things wordy - which might explain my instant attraction to this website:

SaveTheWords - Adopt a Word Today!
Via PrettyintheCity

This is my adopted word:

It means "reciprocal love or kindness, specifically in the parent/child relationship"
The sample sentence is: The prodigal son never gave his father any form of antipelargy.

I tried looking it up on some online dictionaries - but they didn't even have it listed. Also Firefox thinks I'm trying to spell "antipersonnel".

I'm having trouble using it in a sentence though - The antipelargy was evident in the mother's interaction with her daughter. Does that work?

How would you use it?

Here's What We've Learned Today!

Via WeddingByColor

I've always loved anemones without knowing what they are called. I think they are so exotic & sophisticated looking but still awfully pretty.
I even like the way it feels on my tongue: Uh-nem-uh-nee (


This Is My Apartment (If I Had One)

So when I finally (finally) get a place of my own,
here is what I dream of it looking like:

I love the combo of yellow, white & black. It's sunny and fresh without being too flighty. The black adds a touch of sophistication. That is exactly where I want to wake up each morning.

Blue and white had always been my favorite color combination for home decor. I love all the white frames, and the pile of books adds so much color and personality.

More lovely books and stuff. Orange is not amongst my fav colors, but I really like how it works here.

And here is the lucky lady, Michele, who gets to live there!
(Well she did design it after all.)

How To Get Shot By The Sartorialist (Click Image to Enlarge)

Wedding Photo Booth - Fab!

Via a great new found blog A Cup of Jo
You might say it's just a wood board covered in wallpaper
with framed cut-outs. I say its bloody genius.

Did I Ever Mention How Much I Love Peonies?

I Love Smart People

What I love about Jon Stewart is that though he is definitely left slanted, he knows how to carry a "fair and balanced" convesation. And Bill Kristol is my new hero.


I am in desperate need of some everyday flats - desperate as in all mine have holes on the bottom and I'm getting pretty sick of having dirty, dusty feet. Its a classic case of the shoemaker's children have no shoes, except my dad is in real estate and I have shoes, they are just holey. I went to Bloomingdales and spotted these little Chloe babes:

And they're on sale! For the low price of $495! (From $595) So googling Chloe flats I found these:

At the somewhat more affordable $262, 'cept their from the UK so shipping & duties will easily make up any savings.

So here lies the question: Are there any cute, comfy, somewhat affordable flats anywhere to be found in the great land of the U.S. of A.?

Jon Stewart Being Jon Stewart

I'm a huge fan of The Daily Show - this is the funniest and smartest episode I've seen so far. No fancy photoshop or anything. Just 2 funny, smart guys. And I can't tell if Brian Williams is joking or is really t'ed off. You tell me:

Just sharing the smiles! Enjoy!

Want It! Want It! /End Tantrum

Elie Tahari as seen on Zappos.
But refuse to spend $300 on flats. Please tell me if you see them on sale!

Best Invention After The Wheel and Fire

Chana over at (un)ordinary days clued me in to Rollasoles Vending Machines.
They are rolled up ballet slippers sold at clubs for all those poor chicas with aching feet. The bad news: They are only available in the U.K.

Besides it being only available in the UK - I have 2 problems:
1) The girl in the picture is wearing really ugly shoes & dress
2) I wish the shoes were a little bit nicer (I know, I know what do I expect for $8, stop yelling at me.)

But I guess when your feet hurt that bad (and for the stray lad who stumbles over to my blog, shoe hurt is on the list of of Most Painful Experiences Ever right after childbirth) you don't really care what they look like.

Anyway, hats off to creator Matt Horan - may we all have ideas as good as yours!

Did I Mention How Much I Love Books?

Complied by DesignSponge
[far to lazy to post the individual sources]

This Is What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Via ARoomSomewhere

By Clothing Designer Kate Towers. Visit her Etsy Shop here.

Well That Was Fun - Interior Design Quiz

Just took this darling little quiz by the International School of Color [sorry Colour] and Design to identify your interior style - for me they got it spot on:

My style personality is Hamptons White Wash. Described as:

"You don't live by the sea; you live with the sea.
A calm, balanced environment is your perfect space.
Your home is a temple to all you love.
Beloved memories fill your home.
You love detail and textures.
The pieces you choose have stories to tell.
Your home is a welcoming; a place where people love to spend time together.
Each room has multiple functions.

Love it!

Ebay wicked sick BMX

It's all about the marketing baby.

Pretty Petally Paper


And I have no idea why my formatting is all funky.

Ruffle Roulette

How gorgeous is this dress? I love how its not shiny or sparkly - just a simple beautiful dress. I especially love the sleeves and the ruffles on the bottom. Its fresh and fun, without looking overdone (and no, I so did not mean to rhyme.)

Blogger Overload

All this blog reading is totally stressing me out. I've been following so many lately, and seeing so many amazing things. But I don't save anything until I think of a use for them - and by that time I can never remember where I saw them. So I've spent my day looking for things I couldn't find (until I found them that is).

I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing another bridal shower pretty soon and decided I want this one to be a surprise. Here's the way cute invites I found:

Via Twig&Thistle

I got really spoiled with all these free templates and was kind of disappointed when there wasn't one to go with these pics. But not to fear - I remembered seeing this adorable folder template:

Via WhiskerGraphics

Now all I have to do is find some stuff to put inside the folders...