A Study in Contrasts Part 2

It starts off ok - not at appealing as the Barcardi ad but I was willing to let it go until this: "A group of people who can visit Paris repeatably and still haven't managed to see the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa or the Arc de Triumph." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

So the people who drink Tanqueray are so cool that can't manage to do anything as pedestrian as visit the most historically monumental as the Mona Lisa? Or the Arc de Triumph?

What are they too busy drinking they're cocktails with organic juice wearing tights, stripes and cardigans to do anything as touristy as visit the freaking Eiffel Tower?

And what does that say about everyone who has? That they are just don't make the cut? Should they not be drinking Tanqueray? Are they purposely trying to alienate a whole consumer base?

Ok, maybe I am overreacting but I have never seen a freakin ad that was so elitist, condescending and patronizing!

Now go buy some Barcardi.


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