Susan Boyle's Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Were you as excited as I was to see these photos? I think they did a fantastic job at dressing her up, but keep her looking like herself at the same time. Here are my favorite shots:

And here is my least favorite:

A) She looks better in sleeves
B) It totally emphasizes her midsection - not her greatest asset
C) It makes her bottom half look really small in proportion to her top half.

Picture ripped from Harper's Bazaar.


Anonymous said...

The first one, though she looks wonderful, seems like an obvious and deliberate attempt to skinny her up (by covering much of her face). Though I like it a lot, I'm perturbed on moral grounds, but maybe just a little.

Chanie said...

girl, if you find a way to "skinny me up" in photos, don't let your moral grounds stand in your way! and i think she looks all around beautiful in that picture - not just the skinniest.

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