Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

A lot of the blogs I follow have been talking about (500) Days of Summer and how much they've liked it. See DesignCrush and ARoomSomewhere. Like Ummm, What? These blogging giants just shrunk a little in my eyes.

How can they not see through that "ooh, oohh, I'm so cool I'm hot" facade? Like, of course we'll have Regina Spector playing in the opening credits - Kapow! Instant Edginess. Oh, for G-d's sake it takes place in freakin' LA how punk rock awesome can that be? The whole things just lacked authenticity.

On one of the blogs a commenter writes: "Loved it, so quirky and fun" No, lies, it tries to be quirky and fun, but is neither. And if you missed that...

I am not impressed.


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