Meet Peter H. Reynolds

Peter has been my favorite children's author/illustrator for a while now. (Well if you want to get technical, he's been my favorite since I picked up his book Ish at a small bookstore in Bermuda 4 years ago.) His one running theme is "keep making your mark", inspiring chilren (and me!) to explore their creativity.

He also owns and runs Fablevision, "
a turn-key educational media and technology developer." Check out their site for some amazing and adorable stuff they've done.

Chanie's Resume

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Click here for a downloadable PDF. (Caution! Will expire in 7 days.)

So What If I'm a Little Video Happy... This Is Cool!

Leave it to Betty

Omg! What a Funny Night It's Been

What I Want for My Birfday

Took the kiddies (yes, I am the best auntie ever) to the Agora Gallery to meet the creations of one Nathan Sawaya. Say hello to Nathan:

As you probably guessed he uses Legos as his only medium to create life size sculptures like these:

Cool, right?
Even cooler is his story - he left his attorney job as a "high flying corporate consul" to pursue his passion for art, and, of course Lego. Just imagine what his mother probably told him "You're going to quit your job to play with toys?! How are you going to pay your rent???" Or maybe I'm just thinking of my mother who couldn't understand that we were going to a proper fine arts gallery - even though Nathan's creations are constructed entirely of toys, they are, undoubtedly, art.