A Word From Simon

I read this letter a few week ago that Simon (does he need a last name?)writes to his younger self on for his 50th birthday. He doesn't say anything too mind blowing (sorry Simon) just the usual don't spend more than you have, trust your instincts, take responsibility...
The part that I liked best is the realization that Simon doesn't become the-Simon-that-doesn't-need-a-last-name until he is over
40 years old. For me, that was especially eye opening because so often I get frustrated at myself because I am not where I want to be in my career, tra la la. It was nice to see that Simon felt the same way, but kept at it until one day, after years of hard work he freaking made beyond his wildest dreams. SOOOO the biggest lesson I've learned from Simon's letter is BE PATIENT. Read the letter, it's interestingly weird.

Shed A Little Light

You can always count on Anthropologie to have some achingly beautiful pieces. Love these (and oh, to be able to afford them)!

This Video Didn't Show Up In My Last Post, And I'm Too Lazy To Figure Out Why

EepyBird's Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

My Newest Blogger Hero

Meet my pretend friend David Friedman. (He is a real person, just the friend part is pretend.):
He takes uber-cool and often weird pictures
like this:

And this:

He also write a blog where he ponders the complexities of life, such as what if our fingers bent the other way, or the possibilities of a bulb-dial clock.

Sometimes, he even puts up little games for us, like: 
(You have to pick the original logo from the one he replaced the font with Arial) Like this:

He also introduces us to way way cool videos:

Why haven't I seen this before? These guys are totally directing my first TV ad. In short, David Friedmana, is one fab find (Via HowAboutOrgange
Do yourself a favor and check him out. 

Looook What Came In The Mail Today!!!!

Off to get smart!

Unexpected Delights

Sometimes you stumble over a film that is so unexpectedly delicious that you just want to slow it down so you can enjoy it just a little bit longer. Here are some of my favorite little gems:

Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
In a line: Frankie honors a dying stranger's request to keep a date made 40 years ago at the Ballroom Dance Class and finds himself finally finds solace from his wife's death
You'll Like It Because: It's touching and sweet with just the right amount of "swing".

An Ideal Husband
In a line: Based on the play by Oscar Wilde about one reputable couple being blackmailed about past mistakes.
You'll like it because: The wordplay is outstanding, comic timing is perfection, and Minnie Driver and Rupert Everett have the most amazing chemistry.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
In a line: Miss Pettigrew, the dowdy down on her luck nanny, hooks up with Delyesia Lafosse, an American film star, for a day of adventure, learning, and whirlwind romance.
You'll like it because: The costumes and set of the 1930s are impeccably gorgeous and Amy Adams and Frances McDormand enchantingly play off each other.

The Tomato Song: This guy does NOT like tomatoes. By Bryant Oden

Sooooooooooo I don't like tomatoes. And the funny thing is that people who don't like tomatoes, REALLY don't like tomatoes.... like enough to write a song about it.

Nice Vid

I'm still a believer in the separation of Church of State, but this video is nice despite the point it is trying to make.