A Word From Simon

I read this letter a few week ago that Simon (does he need a last name?)writes to his younger self on for his 50th birthday. He doesn't say anything too mind blowing (sorry Simon) just the usual don't spend more than you have, trust your instincts, take responsibility...
The part that I liked best is the realization that Simon doesn't become the-Simon-that-doesn't-need-a-last-name until he is over
40 years old. For me, that was especially eye opening because so often I get frustrated at myself because I am not where I want to be in my career, tra la la. It was nice to see that Simon felt the same way, but kept at it until one day, after years of hard work he freaking made beyond his wildest dreams. SOOOO the biggest lesson I've learned from Simon's letter is BE PATIENT. Read the letter, it's interestingly weird.


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